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Paul Turley

Paul Turley

What started the love affair with music for you?

I first picked up the guitar when I was 14. I was playing other instruments, but the guitar was the only one that really clicked with me. Shortly after I started learning, my Dad gave me a Hendrix CD which really opened my eyes to what was possible on the guitar; I loved that sound and it inspired me to want to play like that. It also encouraged me to expand my musical tastes, and from there, I started listening to other rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream, and also to blues and jazz.

What does Albany Down offer that is different to other bands on the show tour and studio scene?

I don't think there are many original bands at the moment playing the kind of bluesy rock and roll that we play. We try to write songs with memorable choruses and catchy riffs, but with room for solos and some degree of improvisation to keep things fresh.

What goes through your mind when you listen to the d├ębut album, South of The City?

I'm very proud of the quality of the songs and the recordings. It always amazes me when I think of the development of each song, from a simple riff or an idea for a chord progression into these massive, finished tracks.

What does the name Albany Down mean or signify to you personally?

Blues, blisters and broken strings. Good times and rock and roll.

Are you happiest in the rehearsal room, stage or studio?

Playing live in front of a crowd provides the most immediate thrill. A good gig in front of an enthusiastic audience is a brilliant feeling. I do like being in the studio as well; seeing a song develop from ground-zero into a finished track is great.

If you had a choice of touring any country or continent, where would it be and why?

A tour of the USA would be brilliant, just for the history and rock and roll heritage.

What does the dream of a rock and roll life mean to you personally?

Writing great songs, seeing new places, playing to huge crowds of people and having a good time.

What comprises your current favourite equipment, for live and in the studio?

My main guitar is a Goldtop Gibson Les Paul. I also have a Fender Strat set up for playing slide, and a white Suhr Strat that I use on some songs. My current amp is a Reinhardt Vintage 50, which is a 50 watt US valve amp. I have a pedal board with a fairly standard selection of effects: overdrive, fuzz, wah, etcetera. Buying stomp boxes is hugely addictive.>

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